Monday, May 17, 2010

Dry day on Sunday - book swap

We had a lovely day on Sunday, it started dry and bright so out went the washing, and out came the hoe. Lots of weeding got done, ready for my onions and beans to be planted out in the week.

In the afternoon a friend and I had a girly trip out to a bookswap.

With English books few and far between and on-line retailers either charging a fortune for postage or a fortune for the books themselves (that is a Euro to Sterling price comparison - most of these sites don't seem to have an up to date exhange rate and in some cases a book for 5.oo GBP can cost over 10 euros), book swaps are an essential part of life.

As well as a bona fide reason to slack off in the afternoon for coffee and cake at someone else's house.

I am very happy with my loot, roll on winter months so I can get some time to sit down and read them.
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