Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quick re-fashion of a t-shirt top

Take one boring long sleeved top as purchased by your mum on her latest charity shop rummage.

(I really should not take the mickey so much or keeping cutting up the clothes she sends because she may decide at some point to just stop sending them - which would be a great shame as I am reliant on her rummages for my wardrobe)
 Cut off the neck and arms, leaving the side button details in place.

Using some woven ribbon in a matching brown cotton, pin tuck to the neckline creating little pleats just over a centimetre in size, then machine sew down the centre to secure in place.

To finish around the button edging, I cut off the inner button, looped the ribbon over the edge of the split to the back of the button hole and then just sewed the button back in place over the top of the ribbon.

To finish on a bit more detailing, sit down in front of the TV, take some matching sequins in bronze and metallic blue tones, and settle back for some detail stitching by hand along the brown woven ribbon of the neckline.

And there you go - one boring long sleeved top - to a summery v-neck vest ready for those summer days.

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