Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Martian Red Weed

For those fans of War of the Worlds, here is my own Martian Red weed.

This is actually a Chinese red leaf lettuce, which was sown in amongst a mixed batch of salad leaves in our first year, and it keeps coming back, in fact there is so much of it now it is taking over patches of garden and is beginning to look like red lawn.  Which would be great except for the fact that it is completely tasteless so only adds some colour to a salad.

We went to our local farmer's market today with the hopes of finding a pig, which we did from our usual supplier, this year he has some Gloucester Old Spots x Duroc piglets, but we just could not decide on one, or even whether we should get one - our freezers are still full and we have too many chickens, some ducks awaiting a cull and even more rabbits on the way.  In the end we went home empty handed and now I am not sure if I should be regreting that or not.

Once home, with the sun out and some time before I have to depart for work, I managed to squeeze in a bit of gardening, planting out some Batavia lettuce I bought at market into our salad poly tunnel, alongside the succession sowing we should have a nice steady supply of salad leaves in a month or so.  I also got some cabbage seeds into pots, and a few more peas which I am going to try growing 'The Edible Garden' ready for eating the tips in salads only.

Watched that again last night and learnt something new - I did not know I could eat the radish seed pods - I get quite a crop of these every year when I let my radishes take over.

Alys Fowler also reminded me that it was time to get my nettle fertiliser on the go, so I collected up two 5 litre plastic wine kegs, stuffed them with new fresh nettle tips and topped off with water.  For those who are going to try this, as Alys said last night - the solution absolutely stinks, but the tomatoes do love it.

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