Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bean pole fun.

First few leaves of sage appearing in newly weeded herb garden.

There is something about keeping animals, whether pets or livestock, that leaves a portion of your mind perpetually occupied with thoughts of their welfare.

This morning I was pleased to see the new baby bunnies developing an interest in the world around them, their little noses twitching as their mummy ate her breakfast.

When I wandered up the road to visit Milla it was a different story. She was lay in the middle of the walled garden and did not get up as I approached. This is not like her - she likes to view everyone at eye level and prefers to look down on them if she can, to lie down and not get up is very out of character - instantly my thoughts are flitting between thoughts of illnes and injury.

She lumbered to her feet eventually and stood in her normal position for a good scratching, a hoof check and a check down her legs for any swellings and hot spots, then she walked around the garden and with a bit of encouragement broke into a trot.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I think she has now visited the neighbour often enough that she feels comfortable and safe enough to lie down and sleep. Something she normally only does in our field or in her summer field.

Panic over.

With a bit of help from Thea the official pole carrier, I got my bean poles up.

Every year I try to rotate the garden to ensure that we never drain too many nutrients from one spot by constantly growing the same things in the same place.

The normal rotation I use is :

fallow ground or first year beds = potatoes
second year = brassicas
third year = roots
fourth year = peas and beans
then a rest period if possible with heavy manure or a green manure

Such a lovely start to the day, a morning spent gardening in the sun.
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