Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring cleaning the barn

With the last of the current Spring sunshine before the storms set in and the snow returns I thought I would get a start on the barn spring clean.

What tends to happen all through winter is that things get randomly thrown through the barn doors until there is a mountain to climb if you want to get anything further in than a metre from the entrance.

Or as Bren would have it, he hangs things up on the floor.

Unfortunately my gardening stuff was at the back of the barn and impossible to get to, so I thought I would transfer it back down to the building we call the garage.

I was using this garage last year to store all my equipment in, but then Bren thought he would use the building for storing the rotavators and his little tractor in and that didn't exactly happen as planned as his tractor doesn't run. Then once it was empty I thought I may use it as a stable for Milla for the winter but she refused to use it, preferring to stand around under the cover of trees instead.

So this afternoon with a few trips back and forth with the wheel barrows I moved all my tools, my nets, my buckets, my cloches, and seedling pots back to the garage, which is looking altogether much more organised with the addition of a very useful work table, just made from a couple of trestles and some  floor boards that were too knotty to use in the house.

The baskets under the table are actually old fridge and freezer baskets that I liberated from the tip, and they hang just right on the edge of the table top, one for pieces of string and baling twine and one for gloves.

Now there is just a big clean space in the barn - not that I think that will last for long with Bren in there.  

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Damn The Broccoli said...

A barn and a garage!

I am sooooo jealous.

Hi by the way, thought I would pop over and check out the blog.