Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back to the paperwork..........sort of............

The sun has hidden away for the last couple of days, so have had another go today at my paperwork.

Oh I am so easily distracted it is untrue.........

Instead of doing the essential stuff I have just spent a very happy Blue Peter hour with scissors and glue and some sticky backed plastic - otherwise known as sellotape to me and you.

I have about half a dozen recipe books, ones that I bought over from the UK with me, and one I received a couple of Christmases ago, but they are so heavy to post that I tend not to buy any online and the French ones are prohibitively expensive.

In place of real recipe books therefore I commandeered one of my daughter's foolscap notebooks and started writing in my own recipes and variations of things I saw on TV or online, and collecting magazine cut outs and photocopies that people made for me, but somewhere along the line, I just stopped writing and sticking and just started stuffing pieces of paper randomly inbetween the pages. 

Today I went to write up a Garibaldi biscuit recipe that I was given and found that not only was the book stuffed to the gills, but as soon as I moved it, everything unstuck in it fell out onto the floor. 

Cue the Blue Peter moment.

I have now trimmed and cut and stuck and pasted and sellotaped and doublesided sticky taped and highlighted and bookmarked and annotated and translated and have made some sense of my little recipe book.  Hurrah.

Now I really must go and write that letter to the tax office that I have been putting off for 3 days.............

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