Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby bunnies

We have another set of baby bunnies and a new mummy about to pop any day now. Four of the five bunnies are bouncy and cute and full of beans, but unfortunately one is a little slower moving and looks like she has a problem with one of her eyes, so she may not make it.

My mummy bunnies are standard reds but daddy bunny is Brian Big Nose, who is a Papillon - black and white, so now we have a real collection of colours in our bunnies.

They are a vital source of meat for us in the winter, and I normally try to get 10 into the freezer before winter sets in. Last year I only managed 5, so that means that another 5 are on a stay of execution until such time as there is a bit more freezer space.

Only my stud bunny and pretty Papillon good mummy have names and are treated like pets.

Today saw them having a bit of a cage reshuffle to make room for the babies and to move the expectant mummy into a cage of her own, then to get the cages full of straw ready for the cold weater forecast for the weekend.

And I finally managed to get my paperwork sorted and off in the post - complete with a trip to the mayor's office to get my passport photocopies certified. Hurrah!
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