Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monochrome Photography

Today's project is all about how beautiful the garden and surroundings look in the snow.

After dealing with the starving hordes - and treating my slightly delicate head after the night before with some cold pizza - I decided to brave the cold and take my camera for a walk before the snow settled in for the day.

I love black and white photography and snow just looks spectacular in monochrome.

I have had my Canon for 10 months now, and am still trying to learn all of its features, it is currently outfitted with a 70-210mm zoom lens, that I find a little heavy and am not accustomed to supporting, luckily digital allows me to take lots and lots and lots of shots until I get the steady one I want.

I have uploaded today's shots to Flickr - which is playing on the slideshow on my blog screen, and some shots to my redbubble site also.
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