Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 26 - The photographer

OK - how to photographer the photographer without just taking a picture of myself in the mirror with a camera to my face.

And if I pose somewhere and someone else takes the photo then it is not 'my' photograph...

Oohh the trials and tribulations of trying to portray yourself in a photograph.

So here is my answer:

and for anyone who knows me they will know how appropriate it is for me to portray myself through shoes, because shoes are my vice.  I have a lot of shoes, not that namby pamby 'lot of shoes' that people say when they own 15 pairs stuffed under the bed.  I own A LOT of shoes - shoes that require three bookcases and a room of their own in fact.  Even with having had a cull of shoes when we moved to France, and a recent cull to free up some space for books on my bookshelves ready for the end of the month big car boot sale, I still own in the region of....   (big breath)  ........ 150 pairs of shoes! 

Yes that's right, 150 pairs.  I own a lot of shoes!

So here is what you have:

shit kicking cowboy boots - for my equestrian love and take no crap from anyone, but with a soft side, baby blue soft leather.

retro sandals - because I am a bit of a vintage chick at heart

high tech running shoes - for my new keep fit and healthy treadmill lifestyle

bead espadrills - because I am a bit of a hippy at heart and who can resist a bit of floral beading, not me for sure

and a pair of sturdy boots - for those jobs that just have to be done, and I will get on and do them, from gardening to roofing..

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