Friday, July 15, 2011

Dry spell + Downpour = GLUT


So what is a person to do with 15 kilos of courgette and another 20 of deformed patty pan squashes?

Light the Rayburn and get cooking......

... from left to right ratatouille, patty pan squash Thai soup and squash and veg soup.

 Winter larder is stocked up, some soups in Kilner jars, some boiled down to thicken as sauce bases for Thai curries, and several tubs of ratatouille for the freezer.
As well as the pickled walnuts now in jars ready for Christmas.

Now the sun is out the greenhouse is starting to produce ripened fruits too, today's harvest is a one person serving of green pepper, aubergine and assorted varieties of tomatoes.

They are going to be my dinner tonight, chopped and fried with a bit of garlic to go in my risotto.

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'm just about to make some ratatouille now ... but my courgettes are commercially grown , so won't be half as fresh as yours . Nor will I have the same glow of achievement !