Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today is bought to you by the letter B

......and the letter B stands for buttons.

Today I am getting my hands mucky with some air harding clay and making buttons.

With a multitude of thick chunky and cosy crochet and knit shawls awaiting the autumn months, it is time to get those finishing touches on the way.

Thick chunky buttons are the way to go.

Just cut a 1.5cm square of the clay, roll into a ball between your palms, then press your finger into one side to create the dip. Wet your finger in some water and smooth the hollow out, making sure to smooth out any creases or cracks with a bit of water, then punch out the button holes with a toothpick, wiggle to enlarge them enough to take a woolen strand rather than just cotton thread, then leave to dry.

The clay needs one day per centimetre thickness to dry fully.

Once dried, they can be painted and varnished, you can stick beads, dried flowers or sequins and glitter into the clay while hardening, or press out a pattern using lace, then use a resin or varnish to set the button and the decorations.

Now I just have to contain myself to ensure they are fully dry before playing with them some more.

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