Monday, June 20, 2011

Another succesful car boot day and a bit of foraging....

I like a good car boot as I am sure I have mentioned before.

Sunday's car boot was in Volvic, and yes the water does come from there.  You can visit the source itself, but Volvic itself is mostly water bottling factory.  But it does have a good car boot.

This week, I bought a beautiful 50's mustard yellow casserole dish, and a set of copper pans.

I know I don't actually need any more pans, but they were a bargain, and they do look lovely hanging up in the kitchen in place of the 70s brown enamel ones I had before.
While we were out, we initiated our friends into the fine art of foraging, starting with a bag of immature green walnuts and some red sour plums.

Another happy afternoon of jam making ahead then, and the first stage of pickling the walnuts.
River is enjoying herself being a naughty puppy, there is something so very cute about the way she runs around like a loon, pouncing and bouncing, then just collapses for a snooze.

Not sure what the sleeping with the tongue stuck out like that means, perhaps a way of thumbing her nose at the cats by managing to claim a bit of living room floor to herself.

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