Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 16 - Favourite Things - 52 images for 2011

Another last minute photo shoot this week - at least my models were cheap if a bit impatient for their salary - paid in dandelion leaves.

They are one of my most favourite things - every year we say - no babies - we have way too many rabbits - and every year I time it wrong and end up with at least two pregnant rabbits.  This year just two mummies with 5 babies between them, but as I am still trying to cull last year's litters 5 is about all we need.

Since moving to our little small holding here, rabbit has become my favourite meat.  It is fantastically versatile, you can roast it, barbeque it, use it in stews, pies and currys, very lean and very good for you.

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