Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down....

Inspired by a Facebook friend's success in recently fitting into her size 10 shorts, I decided to get out my nemesis skirts.

With my recent forays into the depths of the countryside walking kilometres and kilometres I am being to feel that my weeble days may be behind me.  So I thought I would try on my secret stash of clothes that don't fit me but have been stashed away just in case one day they might. 

In amongst that stash are two skirts that I bought because I utterly adore them. 

My Nemesis skirts.

First is a Lypsy sequinned full circle skirt in purple, size SMALL.  I have never worn this skirt, it must be 10 years old now, still with its labels attached.  I have packed it and moved house with it several times and it has never take up residence on a hanger in my wardrobe.  Every now and again I would take it out and stroke it lovingly, and if feeling particularly good about myself I would attempt to slip it on.  Most times it would reach the tops of my tighs and there it would remain.

Second is a skirt I bought on ebay about 5 years ago.  I bought it on a particularly thin day, thinking that a Next Petite size 12 was not impossible.  It proved not just impossible but improbable.  But I love the material, great big blue and purple 60s inspired flowers on a half box pleated skirt.  Now this I have previously managed to wiggle all the way up to my waist and even managed to get fastened - however never so that I would want to be seen in public - more muffin top than Greggs.

(drumroll please)

The Lypsy skirt is still a little on the tight side, but does up, won't be long now fingers crossed and I will finally be able to cut the tags off and wear it -it will only have taken 10 years but as I am a trained hoarder extrodinaire that is not bad going.

The Next skirt fits - I mean it really fits - all the way round - without unsightly buldges (except when I sit down, so as long as I am only going to an all day standing up do I can actually wear it!).


Although I am not quite there yet in terms of venturing out in either of these skirts, I have now hung them on the wardrobe (not inside but outside) and they are there to be my inspiration and motivation whenever I think 'oh I won't bother today', or 'I can't be arsed to go out today'.

So thank you FF for your inspiration - and thank you lovely Spring weather that has made me leave the house and get moving.

PS and a thank you to the Wii fit male fitness instructor who says 'Your posture is fantastic' and 'You move beautifully' whenever I manage to stay upright on the balance board long enough to do the Yoga poses first thing in the morning.

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Damn The Broccoli said...

Ahh weebles.

I had a weebles playground set when I was young.

The seesaw was my first foray into projectile weapons.

Happy day.