Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't buy one - I'll make it!

I would like a new kitchen table that will function as both dining table and work top.

I saw one I liked in the shops but did not buy it as I am basically far too tight to spend any money on new stuff in shops, especially when there are two zeros in the price ticket!

But I did go away and think about it - in fact I thought about it lots and lots, and lots and lots, and then lots more.

My problem is I love my old kitchen table so I don't find replacing it an easy task, particularly as it has a bit of family history to it.

Anyway, Brendan has decided to make me a new one. Even though now I am not really sure I want a new one, I now have no choice in the matter.

The new table will be made from Thea's old loft bed from Ikea, cut up and reused to make the table legs and stretchers.

 I am even allowed to paint it white the way I want.  The little dowel pegs sticking out are there to fill in the holes from its previous assembly as a bed and will be sawn off and sanded.

The top will be made from one piece of solid oak.

Obviously this is not as straightforward as it sounds.  For one we had to have a 'little' debate on how the finished top should look, eventually we agreed on a rustic planed edge, with only the two sawed edges being straight, the sides being left curved in line with the planks natural growth.

The first lot of sanding was done today, just the underneath to be smoothed off to finish.  The thickness of this 40year old piece of oak will make a fantastic table top, but it is like iron to work with, and incredibly heavy to move around.

It will, when finished be considerably bigger than our current table, and will have to come into the house in two stages, legs then top.  Looking forward to it now, even though it means that in order to keep my existing table I will have to relocate it upstairs into my office and remodel up there.  Oh dear.  I shan't enjoy that - honest. he he!


Fran said...

Can't wait to see the finished table. Oak is one of my favourite woods, the colour and the smell are beautiful x

Absinthe Fairy said...

Me too Fran, but when it is 40years old it is absolutely rock solid and about as pliable as granite. It should make for a good solid worktop/table top though.

Damn The Broccoli said...

I don't envy Brendan having to put anything into that oak!

You can't even nail old oak without drilling a pilot hole first and I have broken drill bits trying to drill ancient timbers!

It does look gorgeous though, I can't believe so many people paint over old oak beams.