Sunday, April 10, 2011

3 in 1 activity

1. Dinner made - home made pasta courtesy of the pasta machine bought me by some friends.

Home made pasta is easy peasy - one cup or mug of flour to one egg, for three people use two cups and two eggs. Mix well together to create a dough, as your hands warm it up and you work it, it should become smooth, if it stays a little crumbly, then wet the tips of your fingers and work again.

Wrap it up in a bit of plastic wrap and leave to one side for about half an hour.

Then either roll with a pin and cut into strips with a knife to create pasta strips or cut into circles or squares for ravioli.  
Or pass it through a pasta machine.

Once cut, sprinkle a little flour over it and coat the sides of the pasta with it to prevent it from sticking, and leave for a few minutes to dry while you bring a large pan of salted water to a rolling boil, then throw in the pasta for 3 minutes to coik, drain well, and add your sauce of choice.

2. My new kitchen table serves its first worktop function - as a pasta making area.

3. The pasta serves to provide the inspiration for this weeks 52 images for 2011 theme - curves.

There you go - 3 in 1.

Now off to eat my bowl of pasta and pesto.

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