Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning with a paintbrush

I don't like spring cleaning but as the sun comes out it becomes a bit of a necessity as that harsh bright sun shows up every cobweb and dust bunny lurking after the winter.

But I do prefer to do my spring cleaning with a paintbrush and this year is no different.

With Thea out of the way in Holland, I set to the living room with a tub of green - just the one wall though, and then re-arranged all the furniture.

The amount of fuss that Brendan made you would have thought I had asked him to remove a leg when in reality all I asked was whether he would extend the satellite cable to allow me to move the TV to another wall.

It was also goodbye CD towers, the bureau moved to a more exposed spot to show it off, and the bookcase from the bedroom is now downstairs housing all the CDs and DVDs we have managed to accumulate recently.

Then having got the bug and with paintbrush still in hand I tackled the bedroom.  I have moved the furniture around there before, normally when Brendan is away - poor love he is very resistant to change, but this year having painted and oiled the oak floors I decided not to wait until he went off on his Royal Enfield bike rally to move everything around and spent Thursday emptying the wardrobe so I could manhandle it around.  

It was also a chance to cull everything in there and finally get rid of some of the disasters lurking amongst the brand new still with labels attached 3 year old items that I had forgotten about.

Having moved the bookcase down to the living room, I needed to find a replacement, and chose this lovely chest of drawers from a friend's Brocante (antiquities) shop.

Obviously we are still stumbling around early in the morning trying to find the door in the dark!

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