Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to fold seed starter pots.

Really useful bit of origami this.

Take a piece of paper - I know that lost places tell you to use newspaper but I need all of mine for starting fires with (no not an arsonist just have wood fired stoves for heating), so I use old magazines or publicity material and find it works just as well.  In fact at double thickness the magazines are quite strong and last a bit longer for planting things like brassicas that need to be a reasonable size before planting out.

Lay a page flat in front of you
Fold in half left to right - so it looks like a magazine again - just ignore the dodgy fashion advice

Fold in half again, this time bottom up to the top edge

Fold in half, left to right so that it resembles the folded paper as above, and do not turn
Then take the bottom right corner and open out forming an upside down triangle with the point in the folds at the centre of the folded paper

Turn over and fold again, starting from the bottom right to create another triangle.  From this side you can see the folds and the edges of the paper

Imagine you are turning a page and one edge of the triangle over to reveal the other side which has no edges showing, do the same on the other side, leaving the paper as above
Fold the outer edge towards the centre crease

Fold again towards the centre crease
Turn and repeat until your paper looks as above

Then turn the top flap over and press hard along the creases

Turn over and repeat the same folds into the centre crease

Pull gently on the flaps to open up the top of the pot, then press out the bottom into a square shape with your fingers
And there you have some free seedling starter pots ready for compost and Spring!

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Damn The Broccoli said...

Do you know I made hundreds of these exactly to this pattern. In my drive towards minimal waste I think they are brilliant but I am now thinking about soil blocks instead. Apparently these are the best thing to do as the plant won't end up root bound.

Trying to find a soil block maker in this country isn't easy though, another thing I will have to make then!