Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hot off Molly the Dolly's back

OK, I know I am late with February's C for Creation - which doesn't even involve my current C obssession - crochet. Last month was about knitting - so some new stitches and patterns to follow.

I just wanted to show you what is hot off Molly the dolly's back this month - first the new shawl I am working on.

Take two large scarves bought for a couple of euros in the sales, pin together and sew up the back with some black wool = one striped shawl to rival Clint Eastwood in Fist Full of Dollars mode.

Then take one wrap around skirt in an impossible small size in vintage 70s fabric. Saw it on ebay and could not resist the material for a pound. Bought it and I was just going to cut it up and use it in something else, but then inspiration struck, and the wrap around teeny tiny skirt is now fit for those of us who are not so teeny tiny.

This is a really simple solution:

Put the skirt on and pin where it feels comfortable on the waist, then using a full length mirror, pin down the wrap part of the skirt until about mid thigh, checking frequently in the mirror that you are not gathering it in places or pulling it out of shape.  Once pinned to about mid thigh, mark the place on the waistband with some tailors chalk and unpin about 20 centimeters along the edge until you are able to slip off the skirt comfortably.

Then lay skirt flat and pin to the bottom hem all along the wrap edge.  Depending on how big the skirt is you may need to cut and hem the inner skirt hem to remove some of the material, but as this was teeny tiny, I simply pinned the wrap edge to the inner edge of the skirt to create an long A line style.

Using the chalk marker at the waistband you can now create your own waist fastening.

You can either insert a zip or buttons, poppers or hooks and eyes. 

I used a couple of recycled belt loops and some matching fabric to create a tie waist, and added a popper a little lower down to secure the gap.

And there you have a quick wrap skirt refashioned.

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