Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Boy Gardening

Thanks to some friends here in France we have embraced the concept of willy jobs and fanny jobs.

Gardening for some reason falls squarely under the remit of fanny jobs.  Weeding, hoeing, planting, seed drilling, transplanting, pricking out, mowing, trimming and strimming, pruning, fertilising, digging, burning and all jobs inbetween are considered fanny jobs.

Harvesting and preserving are also considered fanny jobs, however consuming is considered a unisex chore!

Getting Brendan outside to help with any gardening related activity is getting nigh on impossible.

Luckily there is one thing that is considered a willy job - and as it necessitates engines and most importantly his beloved Vendeuvre he is even more happy to get outside and assist.  

I now have a fully cultivated veggie plot, ready for the next fanny job - rotavating.

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