Friday, January 14, 2011

The unseasonably warm weather continues....

The warm weather continues and it feels like spring.  In fact half the garden is confused and has started to sprout.  Parsley, dill, strawberries, ginger and chives have started to grow and my apple trees are budding.

I would love to believe that this really is the start of spring but generally we have snow until the end of February, so this year is very weird and the delay to winter concerns me.  I don't want anything to start to growing and then end up buried under a metre of snow and being killed off by -16°c nights.

But it is so balmy at the moment that even the chickens have taken to sunbathing.

And those that aren't sunbathing are in the house stealing the cat food.
Ellen I hope that you are paying attention - because the main culprits are your Orpingtons!

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