Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I posted this on wordpress and then came home to blogspot.

Now I know I said I wasn’t doing a 365 blog and hence have no need to post 365 times in a year – but I have itchy fingers.  Every day I wake up and I do something and I feel the urge to tell the world – yeah I know, peverse isn’t it.

So what did I do today that may be worth shouting about – well nothing major.  Our mains water is off at the moment while poor Brendan drives around the commune digging up random bits of land to try to find the burst pipe.

I watched a couple of episodes of House on DVD – wow Hugh Laurie is fantastic in this, I never saw it on the TV so the series is a bit of a revelation for me.  I spent some time wandering around thinking of possible shots for the 52 images as I only have until the 9th of January to submit something on the theme of aftermath and I just figure that post Christmas wrappings and deccies is a bit obvious.  I tried to get a quarter piece of my delft tapestry done, in between answering umpteen calls from France Telecom desperately trying to sell me some pointless TV package.   But mostly I drank lemsips in an attempt to stave off this horrid head cold.  I have so much work to do now backed up for tomorrow I am going to have to spend the whole day chained to my laptop so I really need a clear head.


Not sure why I can't seem to get on with wordpress but I just miss my gadgets on blogspot - made easier by all the google interlinking.

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