Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What has happened to common sense?

What has happened to good old fashioned common sense?  Where did it go?  How has it come to have vanished from one generation to the next?  Or is it a geographical thing?  Is it a casualty of modern life?  Do people no longer feel they need common sense and so the latest generation have evolved beyond it?

Am I so archaic to still have a vestige of common sense?

I seem to have spent the whole day dealing with issues directly relating to common sense.  Or lack thereof.

It has been an exceptionally frustrating day.

I have been threatened with solicitors letters for something that I cannot control, i.e. the date of Christmas.

Put quite simply, shouting and ranting at me on the phone will not alter the fact that I cannot get a contractor to work on Saturday because it is Christmas Day.

Nor can I change decades of social policy in the UK and alter the fact that the following Monday will therefore be a Bank Holiday, and so the majority of contractors and financial institutions will also be either unavailable or closed.

Now factor in the inclement weather currently being experienced across the UK and ratchet that rant up by 10.

How can I possibly hope to combat the snow on a personal level?

Silver lining - hopefully the person ranting and raving has now managed to get the stress out of their life, and I know that tomorrow is another day and unlikely to be as horrid as this one.

Time for dinner, and a cuddle from my family, then a couple of hours of kitten fussing.


Dayne said...


At least it ends with kitten fussing :)

Happy endings are always nice!

Anonymous said...

alcohol... it may help you in thias troubling time. I here what you're saying though.

Damn The Broccoli said...

Common sense should be renamed to Uncommon Sense to more reflect its availability.

Marvel for instance at the woman who stood in the ailse end of the supermarket at the side of her trolley which was parked diagonally for maximum coverage, who then walked off complaining about other people getting in the way!

There are thousands of such examples. I pride myself on my great common sense (one parent may argue differently but I have grown up a lot since then!), it makes so many tasks easier and simpler.

Sadly the world has fewer than us than it did seem to have once.