Sunday, December 12, 2010

Too cold to go out

Tried to let the chickens out this morning while it was still -10°C, needless to say they had no intention setting foot out of the coop, not even with the temptation of some nic bread left overs and some cake crumbs.

Everything pool of water is frozen solid and it takes forever to get the rabbits watered with endless trips inside with the watering can.  But funny to watch the ducks and geese break through the frozen top of the pool for a splash around.

With the decorations up, the fires lit, all the lights on because it has been so foggy all day that we can not seen the end of garden, I have managed to get quite a large part of my Lesley Anne Ivory cat cross stitch done.

Large part relatively speaking for a 16 count aida and tiny tiny tiny cross stitches.

This is the one I would really like to do if I could find it on sale somewhere, for mounting on a patchwork quilt.

 Having just googled Lesley Anne Ivory cats, I never realised quite how many pictures she has created.

And then a lovely visit from a neighbour and her new grand daughter, Emma is only 5 months old, and utterly adorable, baby talk in French is a new one on my though, at least goo goo and ga ga sounds the same in any language.

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Mumma Troll said...

I've never tried cross stitch, but your posts on them have been tempting me, they are really beautiful.
We have some thick fog here today too, but at least it had warmed up a bit over the weekend. I haven't ventured outside yet today, I'm being sluvernley as the Husband is at home to take the kids to school, so I don't know if it's cold out there...but it looks it.xx