Monday, December 20, 2010

Sucked in... an ever increasing degrading spiral of Christmas themed shows on TV.

In fact they only have to have the eponymous C word in the title and I'm wedged in front of the goggle box looking for yet more knit it yourself turkey dinner hints and tips.

This has never happened to me before.

Even as recently as last year I only had to hear those dreaded words that signalled another trip into the lastest dish of the day chef and their pseudo kitchen eating some undercooked poultry with the best extras that Rent a Friends R Us could find on short notice, and I would be cruising the channels for something more interesting to watch - like One Man and His Dog.

But 2010 - oh yeah - this year, I even have TV reminders set for Kirstie, Jamie, Nigella, Gordon, Kirstie again, Kirstie and Phil, River Cottage and bliss of blisses they all get repeated on a Sunday!

I am officially old and officially a saddo - I have square eyes and reams of tips and hints scribbled on the backs of envelopes shoved down the side of the sofa cushions.

In the meantime at least my shawl is nearing completion - it shouldn't be because I have only done half of the pattern, but I am running out of wool.

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