Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas shopping

For those of you who like shopping this won't seem much of a project, for me who hates the supermarket it was quite a challenge.

With an afternoon meeting scheduled at my agency necessitating a trip to the big city I thought I would try to combine it with my Christmas shopping and do it all in one go.

I hate shopping, well and truly hate it, and with only a small expensive supermarket on my doorstep I try to get all the family essentials (well they insist they are essentials and threaten me if I don't buy them), like squash, biscuits, jelly sweets, beer and wine at places like Lidl or Aldi to economise a bit.

Next week we have three Christmas dinners planned so the trick today was to keep three menu plans in mind and stick to the shopping list, as well as being on the look out for items suitable for various dietry requirements.

Now hopefully that should mean no more shopping, except for the cheese I forgot, oh and the ham, oh and some bread, and some more wine because quite frankly you can never have enough.

The only challenge remaining - stop Thea and Brendan eating everything before next week!

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