Sunday, November 21, 2010

With a little help from Ferguson

He obviously felt that I was struggling to get his size right, so got into the bag while I was still finishing it off to make sure it was the correct fit.

He is just too cute for words and definitely my cat, choosing to sit on my lap, purr with me and give my hair a good cleaning whether I think it needs it or not. Not to be recommended mind you, it hurts when he digs his teeth in to pull the knots out and certainly not likely to be issued as a Laboratoire Garnier product as modeled by Eva Longoria any time soon.

Even with his help I did manage to get my bag finished, without having to unpick everything.  I worked from a basic idea having seen this style of recycled/upcycled bag on the internet, but must write it up on a bit of scrap paper and count it out before publishing it here.

So having finished a project on Saturday, Sunday was the day for starting new ones.

I packed the kitchen sampler back into the project box, I just don't fancy it, but rummaged around and found another one, a prettier cat counted cross stitch, in addition I got out some lovely thick oatmeal coloured wool ready to start knitting some more hats.

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