Friday, November 19, 2010

Feeling a bit unpicked

Not feeling hugely motivated at the moment mostly because I need to unpick some crochet that has gone wrong, either that or adapt the pattern to suit the error I have made, but I need to crochet at least another 10 rounds to see if I can fix it, which is another 10 rounds of crochet time wasted it I can't fix it and have to unravel it.

In addition having really enjoyed my robin cross stitch, I have pulled out of my unfinished project box another cross stitch, but can not sit down to enjoy it, and I don't know if it is the pattern I don't like or just the bit I have decided to start with that is getting on my nerves.

What a bleurgh type of day.

So dumped all that in favour of fitting a new light in the hall - it is a good job you can't see the out the oh so in line with regulations load of wiring.

In actual fact I think that the problem is, I went to the big city yesterday with a friend to visit the shops for her birthday, and the no buying new clothes rule for this year got me down.  All those really pretty things for sale, all those really nicely dressed people around me while I was schlepping around in my flat work shoes and old trousers (it was straight after I had finished work).  Feeling I am letting myself down again in my drab leggings and baggy work jumpers only enlivened by my very fetching blue and white striped tabards and latex gloves.  I need an injection of glamour, and I need one every day.  Or at least someone to kick me up the backside everyday to make the effort.

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dethas said...

well I love the look of your new cross stitch pattern. If ever you felt the need to share it, I'd be most grateful and reciprocate with perhaps English books or some other crafty thing ;)