Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

What I would really like to post on here is some fantastic new project that I have started full of enthusiasm.  But it is not to be this Wednesday.

Instead I am still drowning my sorrows in not winning my bid on ebay for some lovely new camera goodies - but the point of a budget is not to blow it so once the price zipped past my top bid I could only look on in full realisation that I was not about to win some new toys.

Consoled myself with a glorious splurge on a new UV filter at the grand price of £1.62 delivered direct from Hong Kong.

Oh well win some lose some.....

To console myself even further I decided to take my pumpkins for a walk and delivered them around the hamlet, we really have got far too many just for us, so I am now awash with neighbourly coffee, the caffeine rush has my fingers splattering out random letters instead of words on the keyboard, and I feel sure that at least a million trips to the loo are going to be called for this evening.

And no these are not the neighbours that benefited from a free pumpkin delivery but some of our newer neighbours destined to be next year's milking herd.

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BeMistified said...

Sorry about not winning on Ebay :(

I ♥ the cow pictures. =)