Friday, October 8, 2010

Well it only took 3 months....

Way back in the mists of time I vowed that I was going to sort out my wardrobe (here)

And now over 3 months later I have finally got around to it.

And what promped it?

The three failed attempts to get dressed this morning...

- first top I pulled out I had obviously been mud wrestling in and it was totally stained,

- second top I pulled out I had obviously been installing new swivel bearings in the Land Rover with - needless to say it was also very stained,

- third top I pulled out looked as though I had been competing in an Incredible Hulk fancy dress comeption due to the number of rips and tears in it (and no I have no idea what I did to cause that!).

So I finally sorted out my wardrobe - everything out and only 75% back in - no more bag lady for me, I am only wearing unstained, untorn, unblemished clothes for the rest of the year.

And it only took 3 months to sort it out - WOW - that must be a procrastination record.

At least the dog is happy - he gets a lovely new bed for the winter stuffed with whatever cannot be recycled.


Nearly 50 and trying to be Frugal .... said...

I did mine in the summer before I went to a car boot sale. Now I have just what I wear in the wardrobe, but bags of stuff in another wardrobe, waiting for me to lose weight to wear them

Absinthe Fairy said...

I have to admit I still have a suitcase under the bed full of 'what if's - what if I lose weight, what if I have to go for an interview, what if I get invited to a posh do etc etc etc