Monday, October 11, 2010

Mundane Monday

It may be mundane but it is essential, as I have learnt to my cost.

Today I am backing up all my files to my external hard drive and having a bit of a sort out while I am in it.

I had a laptop die on me a couple of years ago and I had not backed up my files.

I was heartbroken to have lost thousands of photos of important occasions like Thea's first day at school, holiday photos, birthday parties and Christmases with people no longer with us, not to mention years worth of work, poetry and prose.

So when I had my new laptop I bought an external hard drive to go with it, and now I back up everything on a monthly basis - or should - like a lot of things I let it slide until one month becomes two becomes three.  So now with my accounts done and several folders of photos accumulated I am backing up everything.

Only 11.6 GB of files to be transferred!


Kezz said...

Good idea. I have an external hard drive for backup but every so often I panic that will die too and back up all my photos to data cds.

Damn The Broccoli said...

It's an appaling state in the technical world, given how free information is now that we give no consideration to its safety.

I sit here thinking, backing up? I only ever do that when I have to do a rebuild on my computer and formatting the hard drive is a factor.

I have so many pictures I still haven't sorted or backed up.