Tuesday, October 26, 2010

early Christmas treats

I was bidding on a camera bundle recently on ebay which ran way out of my price range, but had a selection of lens filters and adapters in it that I fancied a go with. With a bit of trawling around I found a seller of generic screw on pieces that includes a wide angle lens for only a few pounds, so I though I would try it out.

Not having lots of money to spend on new lenses for my Canon camera that I adore, I had bought some macro screw on lenses last year, that cost me about £10.00 which I have been very happy with, and this super wide angle is the same brand for about the same price.

Once again I am very happy with my budget purchase.

OK I am sure that purists would say that it is nowhere near as good as the real thing, but I don't have hundreds of pounds for the real thing, for the few shots that I want it for I think it will be sufficient.

Anyway it arrived in the post yesterday morning so yesterday after work I spent some time experimenting with it, as well as the CPL filter I orderd for another couple of pounds. Unfortunately the weather was horribly cold and windy yesterday so I did not venture outside.

Today, Tuesday, now that the sun is finally out, before I spend anymore time playing with my new toys, I must clear out my greenhouse. The temperatures dropped to -7.5°C last Thursday night and that has done for all the rest of my tomato plants. The last of the fruit needs picking now, and the plants clearing out, hopefully by this afternoon the sun will have warmed up the interior enough that I can get in there.

It may be sunny this morning but it is barely above freezing, and the garden is still white at 10.30am.

In the meantime will just have to continue with my cross stitch.

can you guess what it is yet?

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