Monday, September 20, 2010

With a helping hand from Ferguson

Today it is lovely and sunny, and rather warm for an autumnal day, which goes some way to making up for the fact that it has dropped below freezing for the last three nights, in fact last night it got down to -5°c.

Meaning of course that things are dying off in the garden, first to go were all the pumpkin plants, all those thick stalks full of water have no chance when it  keeps freezing, consequently no champion sized pumpkins this year, but a plentiful crop nonetheless, now with their backsides drying in the sun before heading underground for winter storage.

The next thing to go were all the tomato plants outside.  Those in the greenhouse are all doing fine, although I am doubtful that they will all go red in there before the heavy frosts start.
And some things are remarkably resilient, have reseeded themselves and are going rather well already - radishes of course.

Took a third cut of my cut and come again broccoli heads today as well, and here are half of them boiled up ready to make a broccoli quiche slice for lunch.

Line a tin with some flan pastry, then add in the cooked florets of broccoli.

Make a basic quiche mix, a good way of using up surplus eggs, I use 5 or 6 eggs, 250ml of cream, 1/2 teaspoon salt, lots of black pepper, a tablespoon of dried herbs usually parsley and 1/2 teaspoon of paprika.  I know that using cream does not make for a healthy quiche, but it does taste lots better.

Add the broccoli - if I had any spare bits of sandwich ham I would have added this too, but as the fridge is bare, veggie slice only on the menu.

Top with some slices of ripe tomato, then bake in the oven for 35 minutes at 180°C.

Serve hot or cold with salad for a tasty quick lunch.

And just to prove how hard my inner nerd worked - here is my wardrobe all aired, refolded, neatened, straightened and sorted.


Gwen said...

ooooh I love that cupboard ... mines a mess ... lol

BeMistified said...

Busy busy bee! I ♥ the pumpkins. If I ever have a place of my own to have a garden, pumpkins will definitely be there!

BeMistified said...

Oh yes and Ferguson is completely adorable!

Damn The Broccoli said...

PumpkinS? Plural? Damn you!

Serious envy here, I reckon I will ahve made it when I manage a brace of the orange fellas.

And how big did you let the radishes get if they seeded? I thought they are biennial and put out a good sized plant for one so small? Still if they are coming on then don't complain at the little extra bonus!

Ou season is well and truly over here. For the main stuff any way, I need to get the green house cleaned and try and get some over wintering crops in there.

Absinthe Fairy said...
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Absinthe Fairy said...

DTB - left the raddishes too long in garden - they grew into raddish flavoured parnsip sized things and self seeded too.

Just to the right and back of my lovely height indicator you can see how big the plants got, and after that photo they grew about another foot taller.