Monday, August 30, 2010

What I did on my holidays...

This is the absorbing view from the kitchen window during my holidays.

Being an early riser at heart and the hour difference not affecting my body clock but leaving me wide awake and in need of coffee at 6.30 am every morning I spent several hours each morning staring out at the neighbours.

Normally our neighbours are more bovine and have little entertainment value first thing, so this was quite a difference and highly educational.

Things not to do when silhouetted in a window  (all of which I observed over the course of a few days):-

1.  Choose a bad tie. This poor gentleman spent several minutes trying on various shirts and having finally decided on a puce purple to go with his blue suit, he then added a tangerine tie.  I kid you not - this is a guy with serious colour issues - GOK WAN WHERE ARE YOU?  I was almost shouting at him (mentally of course not wishing to wake the neighbours)  'choose the blue one!'.  I am sure he went off to work happy though as he seemed to have quite a spring in his step.  Maybe its just me who has unadventurous colour issues?

2.  Lose things in your handbag.  This was so hilarious I was actually looking for a video setting on the camera.  It was just like a black and white pastiche - first she rifles through the bag, then she clutches her head, then she rifles through her bag again, then she runs her fingers through her hair, then she rifles through her bag violently throwing things out, then she shakes her head, she tips the bag out onto the windowsill, items roll and scatter, she scrabbles through them desperately and backs away shaking her head even more violently - she returns to the window, peace is restored, she has her phone in hand, all the scattered items are lovingly replaced in her bag, she fixeds her ruffled hair and leaves the window.

3. Have a heated debate. I think this is a bit of a given, however this was a particularly early morning for me, about 5.30am, it was still before dawn and so they were perfectly backlit against their light voile curtains. Finger pointed and hands thrown in the air dramatically, better than any Chinese shadow play.  I don't think they were too concerned about disturbing their neighbours.

4.  Remember that frosted glass is still see through.  She had a shower, she decided to apply body lotion, she did it next to the window with the lights on behind her on a dark overcast morning.  It was clearer than the TV.  Enough said - apart from to wonder whether there was an intended audience.


'Entrances 2'

~ Today's project therefore was to make a start on the photos - more still to come.

As well as a lovely lunch of homemade sausage rolls and fresh tomato salad from the greenhouse - so glad to be home and have my garden around me full of lovely healthy produce. ~

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