Friday, August 6, 2010

The "Too Scary to Photograph" Face Mask

Whenever growing anything in the garden inevitably you end up with a glut.

Now we have a glut of cucumbers, none when we had salad leaves coming out of our ears but now there are 3 large cucumbers lurking under the foliage.

I love a cucumber sandwich (crusts off of course - anyone for Pimm's?) but there are only so many sarnies you can scarf down in one day.

Hence today's recipe project - a bit different as this recipe is for your face not your tummy.

Whilst I had a willing volunteer neither of us was as willing for the moment to be recorded so you get a photo of the pretty echinacea flowering in the garden instead.

The "too scary to photograph" face mask #1

Into a food processor throw in half a peeled cucumber, 1 teaspoon of mint, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and an egg white to bind it all together, whizz up, refridgerate for 10 minutes, then slather on, leave for 15 minutes for fresh and tingly skin. Rinse off with warm water.

The "hmm smells yummy" face mask #2

Grate half a peeled cucumber, half a peeled and cored fresh green apple, then stir in 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply to face and neck and try not to lick it all off for 15 minutes.

The "still got lots of cucumber left over" face mask #3

Whizz up half a peeled cucumber and add a teaspoon of rose water, smear over the oily T section of your face, forehead, nose and chin, leave for 15 mins then rinse off with warm water. Leaves skin soft and smooth with no oily bits and smelling lovely afterwards too

The rest of the harvest basket is definitely for our tummies though.

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Nearly 50 and trying to be Frugal .... said...

They sound like a good idea. We also have a lot of cucumbers but my son eats them like sweets, except he is not to keen on the pips!!