Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Surfeit... (updated to include recipe idea)

...of patty pan squashes - time to search for more recipes methinks.

Patty pan squashes are taking over my life.  Today we had pan fried squash, peeled because they are quite large now so the skins are much thicker, then sliced thinly, fried in some garlic infused olive oil with some of the greenhouse ready cherry tomatoes.  Once fried, I added a litre of chicken stock and left them to cook for 30 minutes until tender.

Served tonight with some garden carrots - how do they manage to taste so carroty compared to supermarket carrots?

Alongside some stuffed turkey breasts.  These I actually found reduced at the end of the day yesterday in the local supermarket so grabbed them quick because you don't get many reduced bargains in France.  I bashed them flat with a rolling pin (cover the meat in saran wrap/cling film before bashing as it stops bits of meat flying off and sticking to the walls).  Once flattened I chopped some fresh basil leaves, added ground black pepper and mixed it with some soft cheese - I used sheep's milk cheese for no other reason than I found it on offer at our local farmers' market the other day and decided to try it.  Then spread the cheesey paste on the meat and roll up before putting in a shallow oven proof dish and cooking for 45 minutes at 200°C.


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