Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am a domestic goddes I am - no really I am. I AM!

I made a cake to prove it too!

Not that anyone actually wants to eat it (altogether now "ahhhhhhhhhhhh").

Why don't they want to eat it I hear you proclaim, it looks all lovely and risen and moist and yummy and scrummy and all things nice?

Well I'll tell you why no-one wants to eat it (the ungrateful so and so's), it's because it is a courgette cake.

Yes that's right - the scourge of the glut harvest, courgettes rear their ugly heads again.  The courgette bread my family could cope with but they seem to feel that cake is taking it one step beyond.

In fact Brendan went to extremes to declare that courgette cake was just 'wrong' 'wrong' 'wrong' and thrice 'wrong'.

But just in case you feel differently, here's the recipe anyway.

Chocolate and Courgette Cake

350g self raising flour
175g melted cooking chocolate
1 teaspoon mixed spice or cinnamon if you don't have mixed spice
175ml olive oil
3 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
150g chopped mixed nuts

Melt the chocolate in a pan, grate the courgettes and whisk the eggs and oil together  - obviously if you are a domestic goddess like me you can do all three simultaneously.

Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl with a spatula - no need for electric gadgetry for this if you are a domestic goddess like me.

Grease a springform cake tin or a large loaf tin, pour in the mixture and cook at 180°c for about 40 to 50 minutes - if you are a domestic goddess like me you will know automatically when the cake is ready to take out of the oven, if you are not a domestic goddess like me, stick a metal skewer in it and if it comes out clean the cake is ready.


Affi'enia said...

I am all for the courgette cake and will be trying this one for sure!

resa said...

While I understand the summer time courgette overload, that cakes sounds amazing. And it's cake! Who wouldn't want to eat cake, regardless of what might actually be in it? People I don't understand at all, that's who.

Thanks for the recipe, I'll have to try this and see if I too can be a domestic goddess.

Mumma Troll said...

MMMmmmmm, I made courgette cake last year and it lovely,but I haven't managed to grow as many this year, but when I get some more I can't wait to try it with chocolate.

Liz said...

How many courgettes in the recipe ? :)

Absinthe Fairy said...

ooops - sorry Liz, 150g of grated courgette!