Sunday, August 8, 2010

Feeling a bit at sixes and sevens

Knowing that this afternoon will be spent in lakeside frolics, I decided against going to the car boot this morning, and I feel at a very very loose end.

Firstly I had a wander around the garden snipping random leaves from the tomatoes, then I wandered around with the grapevine cuttings trying to decide where to plant them to start my very mini vineyard, then I picked some more french beans and courgettes, then I packed the picnic hamper for this afternoon, then I took some photos of the globe aritchokes that I have not picked to eat, then I did a bit of weeding through the flower garden, then I picked some thyme to hang out to dry, then I wove the dried grasses through the fencing to create another shady spot for the chickens to lounge around in, and now I can't decide what to do to pass the time, and it is only 9.30 am.

I think I may go and clean out the overflowing bathroom cabinet to create some sort of order in there (and to prevent being brained by tubes of toothpaste everytime you open the doors).

hmmmmm ........

....... it is an exciting life I lead.
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