Monday, August 16, 2010

Bags are packed....

Busy busy busy this morning, getting ready to fly away to the UK.

So far, house cleaned - well you leave a bloke by himself for 10 days, who knows what you are going to come back to, I mean he is house trained but I don't imagine that he is going to have vaccuming and dusting high on his list of priorities.

Fridge emptied - ditto to the above - I just don't want to come home to a brand new eco system evolving in the nether regions of the fridge.

Eggs distributed amongst the neighbours, also courgettes and marrows - not that he can't cook, he just won't, and besides I can't expect him to eat 36 eggs and as many courgettes!

Ready meals pulled to the top of the freezer, he may actually eat the prepared spag bog and curry I have left him.  At least he can throw a pizza in the oven when he gets home.

Bags packed - found a lightweight canvas bag at a car boot a month or so ago so that is my hand luggage rather than the heavier wheeled trolley thing, camera and lenses nestled in securely, phone numbers copied out, passports and tickets - check!

In fact the clothes took me longer than expected to pack - remember this, well hidden in there is the vow I made to sort out my wardrobe - would you like to hazard a guess as to when I decided would be the optimum time to sort out my buldging at the seams wardrobe - that's right - this morning while I was packing!

Being restricted by the baggage size and weight (and having been advised how very strict these are nowadays) I was adamant that I would take only a capsule wardrobe with me, but that meant I had to first find the items that could conceivably be considered suitable to take in a capsule wardrobe, secondly that I had to try everything on, because some of these things have not seen the light of day for... well, years actually, and thirdly, I had to go through everything trying on all the things that I had forgotten that I had.

In the end I have managed to squish 3 pairs of trousers of varying lengths and thicknesses (you never know with the weather), 5 shirts, 2 lightweight jumpers that can be layered, 5 vest tops that can be layered with the shirts and jumpers, 1 longer length tunic top that could double as a dress if it gets really hot, 1pair of ballet pumps, pjs, undies, 1 camera plus lens plus macro lens plus cables plus battery charger, 1 mp3 player plus cables, 1 notebook plus pen, a pack of cards and the contents of my handbag into  my alloted 50x40x20 bag.

Not bad going really, and only 8 kilos according to my scales.

So bags packed and waiting in the hall, Brendan's dinner prepared for tonight when he gets back, and, oh yes, last but not least (why oh why do I do these stupid things), I cut then dyed my hair too.  Don't ask - just don't ask - suffice to say there will be no photos of this particular debacle!!!!


Fran said...

Have a good holiday x

Damn The Broccoli said...

Hmm eggs and courgettes eh?

I must send you my courgette slice recipe at some point.

Have a good journey.

Mumma Troll said...

Have a wonderful holiday