Thursday, July 22, 2010

The story of a maxi dress....

There was once a maxi dress.

A lovely maxi dress in pretty purples and pinks.

It came from a land of orange logos, where it had once nestled amongst family favourties for a fiver, but was then cruelly cast adrift on the seas of ebay.

Luckily one day, a little green fairy was cruising those same seas of ebay, in her little paypal boat, and she spotted the maxi dress.

She waved her magic wand of visa and the beautiful purple and pink maxi dress floated across the waves to a special land of vegetables and chickens.

But the little green fairy was sad.

The beautiful dress told lies.

It went in where it should have gone out, and went out where it should have gone in.

The little green fairy was perplexed, then after a little green drinkie she had a very clever idea.

She cut off the bit that went in when it should of gone out, and stitched together the bits that went out when they should have gone in, and the beautiful maxi dress was saved.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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Mumma Troll said...

Hooray for the Little Green Fairy and her little green drink. I think I need some of that kind of magic over here right now. Does it work on bodies as well as clothes that go in and out in the wrong places? lol.x

Absinthe Fairy said...

lol - If only it would work for bodies too.