Saturday, July 17, 2010

One Hour Sarong Refashion

A couple of years ago I bought a lovely purple top, and then managed to ruin it with some bleach; but the crochet neckline was far too nice to waste so it has been knocking around for a while waiting for a refashion plan.

Well in amongst the latest offerings via my mum's local car boot was this lovely light chiffony sarong in a paler shade of purple, match made in heaven.

So, I folded the sarong in two length wise, and pinned the neckline to the centre of the fold.
Then I cut out the centre of the neck, and ran a zig zag basting stitch all the way around the neckline with it opened up.

To secure the neckline fully, I went back and machine sewed all the way around, on a medium zig zag size, and the smallest straight stitch setting to create a solid block of stitching along the neckline.

This serves to secure the light chiffony material without it fraying to the crocheted cotton of the neckline without it pulling and is a good way of attaching unevenly edged materials together.

The remainder of the neckline was then pinned into place and I ran a line of straight stitches all the way around it to stop it from moving it around.

One floaty summery cover up top in less than one hour.

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