Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday morning blues

I had Monday morning blues yesterday.

Why is Monday such a difficult day?

Dragged myself around the house doing housework in the morning in a very desultory way.  Then the same around the garden, pulling a few weeds here and there and hacking away at a few other things but not really acheiving anything at all.

I dragged myself to work in the same despondent manner and found myself cheering up once there.  Mostly because they asked me to turn up another couple of trouser hems in return for some flowers from their garden.

So I came home with a bag of marigolds to plant out, some winter salads and a lighter demeanour altogether.

Thea and I tackled the overgrown flower bed, pulling up the remains of all the poppies squashed flat by the storm a couple of weeks ago and filled the flower bed with tomato plants and marigolds, then pulled out the lettuces that had bolted from the garden and replanted with winter salads - cut and come again leaves that should keep going right through to November under the polytunnel.

(I did take some pics but have not had chance to get them loaded up yet).

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Mumma Troll said...

I find I have frequent days like this. I hate it when I feel like I haven't acheived anything. It's good when you can find the thing that turns round your day though.xxx