Sunday, July 25, 2010

Molly the Dolly

I had not really intended to go the car boot this morning. In fact I was feeling really quite lazy after yesterday's preservathon, then the cookathon, then an evening spent in the garden with drinks and BBQ with friends. But at the last minute as Brendan was on his way out the door I grabbed my purse and went along.

And I am very glad I did, otherwise I would not have met Molly.

I have been halfhearedly looking at dressmaking mannequins for a while now, vintage ones being waaaaaaay out of my budget, and new ones even more shockingly expensive, so I though it was a bit of a pipe dream.

Then there she was, nestling in among some old pictures, a kettle BBQ and some pots and pans.

I did have to walk around the car boot twice before deciding to spend all my money on her, but by the time I got to the car park with the box I was bursting with excitement at installing her in the studio.

In honour of her arrival, and because I was stupid enough not to draw my fly curtain across the door last night, I gave my studio a spring clean. Dusted the corners, cleaned the kettle and restocked my water bottles, cleaned the iron, swept the floor and vacuumed the rug of all the bits of thread that seem to accumulate at my feet, then swatted all the flies that had not managed to gum themselves to the fly paper.

Molly is modelling my current work in progress, a tunic top adapted from my new pattern purchased the other day.
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