Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am sure this used to be easier

Decided to paint my toenails today to celebrate the arrival of flipflops and summery sandals, but I am sure it used to be easier.  These days I am left distinctly out of breath and with strange cramps in my calves as I attempt to bend my feet in ways nature never intended in order to reach each pinkie.

Perhaps I should dig out my yoga mat and attempt to recapture some flexibility - hmmmmm - not sure whether I could manage the sun salutation without my two cups of caffeine first......and some anti-flammatories afterwards.........

With my internal domestic goddess on strike today, and the temperatures in the high 30s, I set to my long overdue shop updates, with the recycled bags I have been making recently.

I had all these fantastic ideas for a themed photoshoot, had even managed to convince Thea to model after school, and then it went and got too hot, and we got bitten by multitudes of flying biting insects so crept home and did the photography in the cool dim hay barn instead.

But at least that is another thing ticked off the rapidly expanding list.

Etsy listings are here for the vintage florals, here for the fantastic funky 70s floral, and here for the nautical stripes, plus a few others inbetween.

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