Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cocktail hour....

...... well it is Thursday, which seems as good a reason to make a cocktail as any other.

My : - Sitting around reading Dick Francis on a Thursday afternoon cocktail  - recipe

Take one blender - you know the one, it's been lurking at the back of the cupboard since Christmas, yes that's the one, you smiled and said how lovely, but were really thinking how much you would rather have had that spa day voucher instead, anyway, take that blender by the horns and drag out into the light of day. 

Clean off the cobwebs and splash a bit of boiling water in it in a half hearted attempt to clean it before using.

Press a couple of the buttons to make sure it works - now press them again this time remembering to put the cover on the jug and so avoid getting splashed by that boiling water you just threw in there to clean it out.

Now look around the kitchen, pantry and garden and don't despair you have got something that you can put in there now you have gone to all this trouble to drag the blasted thing out.

My token cocktail recipe attempt is this:-

1 sharon fruit - no I didn't know what it was either but they were 5 for 1 euro on special offer and so I couldn't resist - turns out they are rather yummy in a firm fleshy peachy melony kind of way.

4 ice cubes of frozen strawberries pureed last year when I had run out of strawberry recipes.

1 generous glug of lemon vodka - yes of course that it a shot of the icebox in my fridge and yes of course all there is in there are 3 bottles of vodka - what else would you keep in tiny freezer in your fridge?

Where was I - fruit gone in, vodka in, about a third up the blender jug of rosé wine, then blend.

Do that now before topping up with fizzy water, and remember to put the lid on.  

Did you read that properly - don't whizz it with the fizzy water in - oh alright then, gone on, whizz it with the water in and come back in half an hour when you have finished cleaning fizzy cocktail off everything.

Then sit back - grab a novel and enjoy - it is Thursday after all and you're worth it.

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