Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two day catch-up.

With Brendan's return eagerly awaited on Friday (not so much him but the car of goodies wending its way back across France) I thought I would spend some time in my studio before his return knowing that the weekend would be a bit manic and taken up with other things -like unpacking said car!

So I dug out the lovely material I bought the other week at the car boot sale, gave it a wash and an iron, and set to with my scissors and cut two bag patterns on Friday morning before work.  I decided to make one bag a two handled slouch with a contrast lining in cerise, and another tube bag with a denim base.

When I got back from work on Friday afternoon, it was much too hot for weeding, so I grabbed the chance to shut myself away for a couple of hours with my sewing machine, and managed to get the tube bag sewn up, I used a bit of the cerise again for the base lining on the interior, and finished with some burgandy ribbon I had lying around.

The slouch bag will have to be sewn up another time, as Saturday has been fully occupied so far with trying to find space for the UK bargains that he bought back with him, we now have a crisp mountain in the pantry, nestling in the foothills of rich tea biscuits and malted milks.

Off to cut up some trousers for Thea to make some shorts, having made a few snacky pizzas, quiches and salads ready for guests in a couple of hours.

Quick edit - one of the best things about Brendan travelling back by car is the fact that he could bring with him some of the books being hoarded kindly for me by my old neighbour.  It is almost enough to make you look forward to winter and a good read in front of the fire while it has a good old snow outside.

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