Monday, June 28, 2010

Today was brought to you by the colour purple

No not the weepy movie, but literally the colour purple.

When we first moved into our ancient french farmhouse there was so much to do that decorating took a very definite back seat. In fact by the time we had lime plastered our way around the house, put in floors, ceilings, windows, electricity, plumbing, sanitation, heating and a new roof, the best we could manage was to just white wash our way around the house, and then we got used to living in white walls.

And I am no interior decorator, in fact I agonise for hours over the single purchase of a colourful cushion for the living room, and someone else had to come round and tell me where to hang my few pictures.

But now with nothing but decorating left to do, I decided (and it was me not a joint decision) to add some colour to the blank walls.

Thea already has a bit of colour as that was her birthday request, so she has some feature wallpaper in her room, and accent colour in red cushions and throws, flowers and vases. It was my turn.

With Brendan in the UK, I would normally go for a quick swap around of the furniture but having had the bed in every conceivable space in the bedroom already I stopped myself from shifting the wardrobes around again, and asked Brendan to get me some paint. I left the colour choices to him only stipulating no blue, but that turquoises, jades, greens, reds, browns and purples were all good.

You can see from the photo the colour he chose, a beautiful rich purple. It has taken me most of the day to paint one wall, and three coats to get a good even rich colour, but I am really pleased with the result.

I finally get to dig out the lovely rich velvet bedspreads that my mum sent me last year to match, and now I have an excuse to make some new cushion covers for me.
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