Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back out in the garden again between showers

Considering today is the first day of summer meteorologically speaking it is not very warm and really quite wet.

After another morning spent on the computer I had had quite enough, so promised myself some gardening time this afternoon. 

Kittens are settling in nicely, Thea's kitten is very good and mine is very naughty.  They are both eating and drinking well, but are missing the litter tray every now and again, you need to grab them quickly and deposit them on it, still for 6 weeks old they are pretty clean.  The dog loves them, and Mr Pink quite frankly doesn't give a damn as long as he can steal their milk and eat their kitten food.

Typically though it started to rain just as I got home, nonetheless I planted out the last of my courgette seedlings, weeded my salad polytunnel, my kohl rabi plot and then planted out some plum tomatoes in the greenhouse - where I found another couple of stray seedlings from last year's tomato plants. I stuck a couple of stakes in to remind me they are there and I think they will prove to be cherry tomatoes.  Free plants.

You can see in the photo, my very green and overgrown, spilling over the edges herb garden, behind it my strawberry patch, then the blue tubes of my salad poly tunnel.  To the right are my bean canes, broccoli, cabbage, onions, carrots, parsnips, beetroots with my two new rows of courgettes on the left, just in front of my wibbly wobbly pea canes.  You can also see just next to the poly tunnel that there is a square bed, this is full of  French black raddishes, then a square kohl rabi bed, then to the far right is the start of my patch of red weed (red Chinese salad leaf, interspersed with some self seeded raddishes).  At the end of the pea canes is the first of my apple trees.

The veggie garden then continues beyond the apple tree, about the same size again, perhaps a bit more, because it is wider at the bottom than it is at the top.  At the bottom there are pumpkins, potatoes, cassis, redcurrants, raspberries, onions, more beets, and more cabbage.

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