Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another rainy day

With the skies leaking all over the shop again, I thought I might take the morning to sort out the files on the computer, but I am not having great success. I have now backed up everything, I have deleted, de-frag-ed and scanned registry files but the damn thing still will not work properly. It needs to be formatted but without the disks I can't reload the operating system, and I can't decipher enough Dutch to set up the partitions. I am so frustrated by it now, that I just want to commit acts of violence on it.

The frustrating part about it is, when it works it works fine, I have two photo-editing programmes and it will flip between the two, it will upload files, it will even play some music at the same time, but then it freezes and all your work is lost, transferring files are lost, photos are lost and there is no warning when it will happen. Sometimes it works for as long as 45 minutes, then at other times you have to reboot it 3 or 4 times in the space of 10 minutes just to get to the desktop screen.

I feel that I have just wasted a couple of hours on nothing.

At least I spent the 30 minutes while it was trying to upload some photos drawing up plans for my next attempt at a maxi dress.  ( I hope Thea does not notice that I ripped a page from her magazine for inspiration -  Glamour is her bible at the moment.)

I have an idea of how to fix a dress that I butchered last year, but before cutting it up I am experimenting with the theory on some pink voile that used to be curtain material for Thea when she was into pink, and hope to continue with this once I get home from work this afternoon.
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