Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Planting out

When I got home from work this afternoon the sun was shining and it was a perfect day to plant out some of my seedlings from the greenhouse.

We have hopefully now passed the last risk of frost and some of the seedlings were starting to take on triffid proportions making the greenhouse a scary place to enter.

I started by moving out my cucumbers, then out went the courgettes, only a couple as we were over run with fruit last year and ended up feeding them as marrows to the chickens.
I managed to freeze some and put some into ragout which was preserved in jars over winter, but to be honest there is only me that willingly eats courgette so no need for huge amounts.

I am going to make some low level climbing frames for my cucumbers as I have 8 plants and they take up a lot of ground space otherwise and it can be easy to lose a cucumber in the foliage until it is too late and has gone over into a yellow mush - voice of experience there - I found 3 like that last year gathered in the poly of the poly tunnel when it had been folded back.

I stole some of the pea canes and have put 3 cucumbers in the pea row to see how they do climbing there.

And then I planted out my first peas. These are my toilet roll peas now all about a foot high and starting to spread their roots out of the tubes and across the bottom of the shoe box they were in, so it was definitely time to move them out.

I also planted out my caulis and broccoli seedlings, these had wilted a bit in the heat of the greenhouse so hopefully they will prefer the milder air outside.

I gave my cabbages a quick weeding around and then it was dinner time, my stomach was rumbling loud enough to scare the birds!

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